The aim of preschool is that ‘by playing children can learn the best’. They will get to understand things like how to behave, how the other works, how to be friendly, how to be intellectual and much more thing from the preschool education. With this idea, Nurturance Smart School has initiated by Udaan Foundation. It is a non-profit organization aims to cater education by creative, sustainable, personalized and innovative learning environments that will further help to build a smart community.

The programs offered Nurturance Smart School are as follows:

  1. Play School (age group 1.5 to 2.5): NSS has an organized and standardized curriculum that is flexible enough and gives an overall idea about what all going to be done. Kid love to play and enjoy with their friends. For this, the Nurturance Smart School is having beautiful playground and garden where children can enjoy and learn. Your little one can safely learn and explore with curiosity, creativity and tenderness.
  2. Nursery School (age group 2.5 to 3.5): Developing up good culture and holistic growth of children is categorized in the high of our nursery schools. So, our administrator and teachers were designed the curriculum and learning environment for the all round development of your children to make certain their balanced and holistic development of cognitive and language development, aesthetic development, physical development and spiritual development.
  3. LKG (age group 3.5 to 4.5): The program is intended to support the child’s interest and create innovative problem-solving skills. It likewise raises confidence to move toward new circumstances with independence and skillfulness. The learners enjoy in a caring and warm environment where they associate with their companions and in addition, sustaining adults in a group of activities,
  4. UKG (age group 4.5 to 5.5): The UKG Program imprints in children the qualities of exploration, curiosity, and invention in a safe, fun-filled and happy learning environment. An individualized method helps to develop social skills, nurture a love of learning; and instill ethical values. Songs, Games creative projects, role-playing, painting, and storytelling help develop children’s basic skills in numeracy and literacy.
  5. Day Care (up to 10 years): The daycare focuses mainly on the individual growth and the development of a child, through a number of scheduled and planned day-to-day activities. Children who live in full day care for the complete day are given breakfast, midday meal and evening snacks.
  6. After School Care (age group 2 to 10): Kids will have lots of fun at NSS and they don’t want to leave the school. It has sufficient and experienced staff members who are capable of taking care of them and supervising their homework. It assures you that all the activities will be done in a safe and secure environment.

Therefore, the Nurturance Smart School assure you to provide a perfect learning center on Begur Koppa Road, Bangalore for your children.


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